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Birth Story ② Renovation of old warehouse

CASICA stores have renovated old wood warehouses for more than 40 years. (About encounters and concepts between CASICA and old wood warehouses, "Birth Story ① Encounter with old wood warehouseThe characteristic of this warehouse is that the large wood has a ceiling of 5m or more so that it can easily move inside the building, and the walls are minimal. How do you make use of this space? Cirus, who was in charge of the entire direction, asked for the interior design. What kind of renovation did you do? I will introduce it. The image above is a photo from the position immediately after entering the entrance. Currently, it is a space like the image below.

Because it is a business that handles old things, we make use of the original construction, which is the attractiveness of the building as much as possible. However, the bookshelf in the center dared to create a wall and piled up old Japanese furniture. In today's modern times, which has changed from tatami culture to chair culture, it is finished like an installation that reconstructs new and usage of old Japanese furniture. Entering the CASICA store and looking at the books on this bookshelf, you can tell what CASICA values ​​and messages.

This image is taken from around the right back of the store in the first image.

The table in the foreground is a table and chair in the eating and drinking space. The shop is the shop. The space is created with a product. All items decorated on shelves, lighting, and walls are products. A wall was set up to create a gallery space on the right back.

The entrance of the gallery used to design and work on tea rooms in this wood warehouse, so we imagine a tea room.

While making the top part a little aslamic spire type while making it a small opening like a tea room, it shows a world view that is not categorized as CASICA. Originally, the space where there was no ceiling in the image below was surrounded by the wall.

Looking up at the part without the ceiling, there is something like a crane lifting a tree, and the ceiling is 13.5m.

The part like a green bar is whipped. It was once used to lift a tree on the second floor using it, and it is the part that says Fukuki of the building. This whistle is left as it is.

We also exhibit galleries that make use of this height. In the solo exhibition of the Tobimatsu lights, the lamp shade made of ceramics was suspended at various heights.

After passing through the small entrance

The light that spreads on the ceiling of 13.5m is a beautiful exhibition. The inside of the gallery is different from the outside, and the space is all different from the outside, unlike the outside. Please look up at the gallery ceiling when you come to the store.



Birth Story ① Encounter with old wood warehouse

CASICA has renovated an old wood warehouse in Shinkiba, Koto -ku, Tokyo.

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