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Enjoy the vessel with "Kinjin", which increases the charm of broken vessels

Kinsei is a Japanese traditional technique. Use lacquer, which is called "natural adhesive," to connect broken vessels and decorate with gold or silver metal powder. A repair mark appears as a pattern in the bowl. Instead of returning to the original appearance, it is repaired while changing a new design into a bowl.


There are a number of processes in the kin -over, and it may be quicker to buy a new one. But a vessel filled with a lot of memories is not something that can be replaced. It is engraved on the restoration marks, such as the vessel you bought, the gifts you gave, and the vessel you have been using for many years.

CASICA has a lot of writer's works and antique vessels. While using it, there is nothing to replace even if it is missing, cracking, or cracking. Use as much as you like, make a gold hand, and make it your own vessel. The way you enjoy such a vessel is also wonderful.

CASICA is scheduled to launch a gold -pass service in the fall of 2023. Please use it by all means because it is accepted only by consultation.
Workshops will also start at the same time. We will start recruitment in mid -July 2023. If you want to shake it yourself, please join us.




Birth Story ② Renovation of old warehouse

The CASICA store has been renovated an old wood warehouse for more than 40 years. We will introduce before renovation and the current before and after.

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大谷哲也さん - interview -

大谷哲也さん - interview -


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