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terms of service

Article 1 (purpose)

1. These Terms are through the use of the website "CASICA" (hereinafter "this site") operated by Tanosinal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "our company") and this site.
The purpose is to determine the sales contract conditions between us and our customers and other rights and obligations.

2. In order to use this site, it is necessary to agree with all the contents of these Terms.
This site is deemed to have been agreed to these Terms when you use it (including membership registration and product purchase).


Article 2 (configuration)

1. In addition to these Terms, the provisions specified by us regarding the use of the "Usage Guide" and the use of this site, and notes to be notified individually to customers.
A part of these agreements shall be composed.
If those provisions or precautions and the contents of these Terms are inconsistent, the provisions or precautions shall be given priority.

2. We may change the contents of these Terms without notice.
In this case, when we have posted these Terms on our website, the changed terms will be applied.


Article 3 (membership system)

1. When using this site, you may need to register as a member.
Customers can comply with the contents of these Terms and apply for membership registration to us in accordance with the procedures specified by us.
The contents of the membership registration procedure and the membership benefits (including point system) are "User Guide"Please confirm.

2. If the applicant falls under each of the following items, at the discretion of the customer's member registration, we can refuse to apply for your membership.
In addition, if it is discovered after a member registration, it can be expelled from the member.
We are not obliged to disclose the reason when refusing or removing registration applications.

(1) If all or part of the registration information provided to the Company has a false statement, erroneous or omissions
(2) If you have not obtained the consent of a legal representative, guardian, guardian or assistant, etc.
(3) If anti -social forces (gangsters, gang members, right -wing organizations, anti -social forces, or other those who are equal to this), or cooperate or involved in maintaining and operating anti -social forces through fund provision and other If you are suspicious that you are interacting with anti -social forces, etc.
④ If the registered applicant is a person or a person who violates the contract with our company in the past
⑤ In addition, if we judge that the registration is not appropriate

3. If the input information is changed at the time of registration, the member will notify us without delay by the method specified by us.
We will not be liable for any damage because there is no notice.

4. Members must manage their membership ID (account), password and other information on their own responsibility,
This cannot be used by a third party.
We will not be liable for any loss of members or third parties due to the outflow of membership information due to the reason not to be liable to our company.

5. If the member is stipulated below, he will withdraw.
At the time of withdrawal, all membership registration information (including holding points) will be invalid, and we will not be obliged to maintain information.

① When the member himself has applied for an unspeaking of the company in accordance with the procedure prescribed by our company.
(2) One year has passed since the last use date, and when we can not reply to us within 2 weeks after shipping the confirmation email.

6. If you register as a member through this site, you can use the membership benefits when using the directly managed store (store) CASICA operated by our company.


Article 4 (sales contract)

Regarding the conditions for ordering products through this site,"User Guide"In addition, the corresponding page of each product and"Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law"Please confirm.


Article 5 (prohibited)

Customers must not act in any of the following items:

  • Acts that violate laws and regulations or acts related to criminal acts
  • Scams or threats to the Company, other customers and other third parties
  • Acts that are contrary to public order and morals
  • Our and other third -party intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, honor, other rights or interests, or slanderous acts
  • Through this site, post or submit information to be determined by the Company if it corresponds to the following or applicable.
    • Information including excessive violent or cruel expression
    • Acts to send information including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs
    • Information including the honor of the Company, other customers and other third parties or the representation of defamation
    • Acts related to criminal acts or acts against public order and morals
    • Information that includes excessive obscene expressions
    • Information including expression that promotes discrimination
    • Information including expression that promotes suicide and self -harm
    • Information including expression that promotes the inappropriate use of drugs
    • Information including antisocial expression
    • Information that demands spread information to third parties such as chain emails
    • Information including expressions that make others uncomfortable
    • Information for the purpose of meeting
  • An act of applying excessive load on the network or system of this site, acts that make up a system that make up this site, reverse engineering, reverse amble, reverse compilation, etc.
  • Acts that may interfere with the operation of this site
  • Acts to illegally access our network or system, or try illegal access
  • Acts that become a third party
  • Acts using other customer members' accounts or passwords
  • Advertising, advertising, solicitation, or business acts on this site that we do not priorly permit in advance
  • Collection of information about other customers
  • Acts that cause disadvantages, damages, and discomfort between the Company, other customers and other third parties
  • Acts that violate these Terms
  • Profit to anti -social forces, etc.
  • Acts that cause the actions of the previous items
  • In addition, the act of judging that we are inappropriate

Article 6 (Suspension, interruption or end of this site)

1. We may suspend, suspend, or end all or part of the use of this site without any pre -notice if it falls under any of the following.

① When inspecting or maintaining a system related to this site
(2) When communication lines, computers and other electronic devices stop due to natural disasters or other accidents
③ In addition, if we determine that it is necessary

2. We will not be liable for any loss, interruption or end of all or part of the use of this site.


Article 7 (exemption)

1. We do not guarantee that this site complies with your specific purpose.

2. Even if there is any dispute between the customer, the other customer or the third party, we shall not be liable for any responsibility.

3. Even if we are obligating damages to the customer for some reason, the range is limited to normal damage that occurred directly and in reality.
Lost profits, indirect damage, extraordinary and accompanying damage are not included,
The amount shall not exceed the total price paid to the Company in the past three months.


Article 8 (handling of personal information)

1 Regarding the handling of your personal information by us, our company"privacy policy"Please refer to.

Two -site using cookies to associate your information and access information to this site, and may be used for advertising services.


Article 9 (Rights belonging)

All of the copyrights related to this site (including the rights prescribed in Article 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) and other intellectual property rights belong to us.
If you include what you are posted in this site, the copyright of the part will be automatically relocated to us at the time of posting.
You may not be able to exercise the author's personnel rights for our company and the third party specified by us.


Article 10 (General Law and Jurisdiction Court)

The law applied to the contract between us and our customers shall be the Japanese law, and according to the amount of the complaint, the Tokyo Simple Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.


Established June 28, 2023