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Birth Story ① Encounter with old wood warehouse

CASICA has renovated an old wood warehouse in Shinkiba, Koto -ku, Tokyo. Shinkiba is a place where the "Kiba", which was a wooden town in the Edo period, was relocated. In the past, there were many wooden wholesalers with trees in the sea. The fact that there is a store in Shinkiba has a significant impact on creating the concept of CASICA.

The initial concept is "Japan's ancient appearance culture"
When I was looking for a property, the concept of the concept was "Japanese ancient culture". "Appearance" that you can freely enjoy using things without being caught by prejudice. The teaman Senrikyu was decorated between the floors, considering the fisherman's basket (biku) as a flower case. It was my first time to set up a store, and from the beginning of the launch, if there were many properties with Circus Yoshio Suzuki and Mai Hikita, who is still asking for CASICA direction, there is a Senrikyu in Tokyo. What kind of store will it be? I was thinking.

Appearance before CASICA renovation

Old wood warehouse I met in Shinkiba
I went around many properties, including Aoyama, Omotesando, Kuramae, and Kiyosumi Shirakawa. I met an old warehouse that has been built for more than 40 years of Shinkiba. It was a wood warehouse that handled inscription trees used in tea rooms. When I went inside, I was able to handle wood, and the ceiling was high and spacious. On the other hand, it was aging and the glass broke, there was a hole on the wall, the electric equipment was old, and there was no air conditioning.

Torn wall before CASICA renovation

Old electric equipment before CASICA renovation

There are few residents in Shinkiba, and there are no commercial facilities around. Moreover, a property with not only the old building but also the facilities. However, the shadow made by the light from the torn tin makes the inside of the decayed building feel like a taste. We have to make ourselves from zero, but we decided to create a shop if we could send new cultures from the city of Shinkiba.

Wall after CASICA renovation (bookshelf)

The character of "wood town"

If you put a store in Shinkiba, I wanted to add a "wood town" to the "appearance". What was born was CASICA's concept, "Visualize living time and space." Things are lined up regardless of nationality, age, famous or unknown. A new space appears by combining and fascinating Japanese furniture and old tools made of wood, modern products, works by writers, and things collected from all over the world.

Kitchen after CASICA renovation

I used a lot of old wooden furniture for the interior.

Shop B after CASICA Renovation


Unless it was Shinkiba, which feels affinity with old furniture, it was not a store with old -fashioned furniture and old tools. CASICA was born to be guided to a place called Shinkiba.

Birth Story ② Renovation of old warehouseLet's introduce CAISCA's warehouse renovation and before and after.




Birth Story ② Renovation of old warehouse

The CASICA store has been renovated an old wood warehouse for more than 40 years. We will introduce before renovation and the current before and after.

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