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Kinsei classroom


Kinsei is a technology that adheres to porcelain, cracks, and broken areas with lacquer and decorate with gold powder.

This is a five -time kin -shaped classroom using natural lacquer that even beginners who have no experience in passing over can do it with confidence. You will be able to learn the basics of gold, and after completion, you will be able to do a simple gold line yourself.

Contents of attendance

Please bring a damaged vessel and repair it yourself while experiencing the gold.

Because it is a repair method using natural lacquer, it cannot be completed once. We will finish it from the groundwork, sow gold, and layers over several layers.
It takes time to dry the repaired products on the way, so it is a classroom 5 times.

Adjustment of the base ▶ Deep missing fill (kokuso lacquer) ▶ Shallow missing fill (rusted lacquer) ▶ Middle coating ▶ Finish (powdered / colored lacquer)

Lecturer is Ayako Nakagawa, a kin -sha.
We are based in Lacquer Village and Wajima.

Tuition fee/date and time

Please make a reservationHere
* The application frame is full. Please look forward to the announcement of another event.

Tuition fee

 8,800 each timeYen (tax included) x 5 times

* Only the first time, you will be paid for one tuition at ONLINE.
Please pay for the second and subsequent tuitions at the store.
At the time of the course, you will pay a tuition fee of 8,800 yen for the next time.
Payments at stores can be cash, credit card, and various electronic payments.


5 times in total

place Inside the CASICA store
time   143016302time)
Capacity 6 people

 ※For unavoidable reasons, the event may be canceled or the schedule may be changed.
In the case of a completely cancellation due to this convenience, we will refund the cancelled time.

What to prepare


Please bring the following when you take the course.

・ Repair vessel (glass is not allowed)
 ※2In time courses23You can promote individual repair at the same time.
・ Clothes that can be dirty, apron, etc.
・ Cardboard or plastic case to take the vessel in the middle of repair home

[About repair tools]
We lend all the tools.
If you have a tool yourself, you can bring it.
For those who want to continue to pass through in the future, we will also sell the Kinjin kit. If you wish to purchase, please describe the purchase request in the shopping cart remarks column at the time of application.

* The powder used in this course is silver eraser.
If you want to erase the golden powder or a round powder, please purchase it separately.

[About the sale of the gold -kit kit]
For customers who wish, the gold -shared kit is "gold erasing powder.0.1gIncluding ¥16,500(Included tax)].
If you wish to purchase, please contact the instructor on the day.
It will be delivered by delivery in about a week.



Q. I'm a beginner,all5How much repairs are possible in the course of the course?
A. If you are a beginner, you can divide it in 2-4 if it is cracked,
It is recommended that you start with a repair of less than 5 mm in one place. }
(If there is something less than 5mm, it can be repaired at once)
    2In time courses23You can repair it at the same time.

Q. How old can you participate?
A. You can apply from the upper grades of elementary school.
Please be careful if you are worried about rash as it uses natural lacquer.

Q. Will your skin rash?
A. Because it is a workshop using natural lacquer,
 If you touch the lacquer directly, it may be covered.
On the day, we have rubber gloves, but please be careful not to have lacquer on your arms.

Q. What should I do if I didn't finish it five times?
A. If it did not finish in 5 times, the instructor will keep it
 It is also possible to help you finish. Please contact us at the time of the course.

Q. Can you keep something on the way?
A. The vessel in the middle of the repair should be taken in cardboard or plastic case.
Please note that you cannot keep it at the CASICA store.