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About delivery and shipping

Regarding delivery

The following products we have ordered will be delivered by the following delivery company. You can not specify the delivery company.

·Yamato courier service
・ Sagawa Express
・ Easy household goods
・ Red hat

[Delayed luggage due to the effects of bad weather and natural disasters]
Due to the weather, the delivery of luggage in some areas may be delayed.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.


about shipping cost

The shipping cost depends on the packing size, total weight, delivery area, etc. of the purchased product.

[In case of shipping error]
If the system cannot be calculated automatically, the following error screen may appear at the time of purchase.

In that case, please contact us from "Inquiries about the product" on the product page.
We will calculate the shipping fee and provide payment.


[Customers who order easy household goods courier]

Please check the following points when purchasing easy home property accommodation products.

・ If a product that is different from the order contents arrives, we are sorry to trouble you.Within 3 days after the product arrivesPlease contact the store.
Returns and exchanges after three days have passed, regardless of unopened or product failure.

・ At the time of delivery, the shipping company will inform you of the arrival time in advance.
The arrival date and time may be different depending on the road congestion, weather and accident.
・ Please be sure to check the transport route. 
Large furniture may not enter the room depending on the size. 
Please check the route to the installation location, and the size of the frontage of the entrance, stairs, elevators, etc. in advance. 
If you cannot carry it in normally, a separate fee will be charged. 
・ Delivery will be delivered by two staff members, and will be used for unpacking, installation, and waste materials so that they can be used immediately. 
・ If the arrival product has major scratches or damage, please check the product under the staff of the shipping company. 

・ If you are absent on the delivery date, you can redelivery by absent vote, 
Please note that the redelivery period will be up to 5 days from the next day, and depending on the size and area, it will be shorter. 
・ If your luggage is returned to the store after the redelivery period, 
For subsequent redeliveryApart from the first delivery fee, you will have to pay the round -trip shipping fee from the store to the delivery destination again. 
Please contact us within the product custody deadline (10 days from the delivery date) and transfer to our deposit account. 
We will arrange redelivery as soon as payment is confirmed. 
・ Please note that if you do not have any contact or transfer after 10 days from the delivery date, we will not be able to respond to refunds. 

* If you do not receive the product on the desired delivery date and do not contact the shipping company, please contact our shop (03-6457-0826).

About date and time specification

If you use the date and time specification, select the desired date from the date and time specified calendar in the cart.

[Delivery time specification]
No specified / morning / 14-16:00 / 16-18:00 / 18-20:00 / 19-21

If there is no delivery date and time, it will usually be shipped within 2-7 days after the order is confirmed as soon as it is ready.
There are also products such as solo exhibition works that cannot specify the delivery date and time. note that.

[Customers who order easy household goods courier]
The time to be specified differs depending on the region.After the order is accepted, we will contact you.


About the purchase statement

We do not include the statement of use.
Please check the e -mail sent to the orderer.


If you are absent

If you are absent on the product delivery date, an absence contact slip will be posted to your post.
Please request a redelivery within 6 days from the shipment date to the shipping company listed on this absence.

In the unlikely event that you can not receive it beyond the storage period (6 days), your luggage will be raised to our company.
If you wish to redeliver, you will be charged the shipping fee and the shipping fee for resending it separately.