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About payment method

payment method

The following methods can be used in the online shop.

·credit card
・ Apple Pay
・ Google Pay
・ SHOP Pay
・ PayPal
・ Paidy payment the following month (convenience store/bank)

【credit card】

 You can use Visa, Master Card, American Express, and JCB.
* In principle, we do not send credit cards in principle because of security consideration.
We will refrain from using the statement sent by the credit card company.

 【Apple Pay]

 By setting card information on the iPhone in advance, it is possible to settle the card number without sharing the card number.


[Google Pay]

 You can purchase it with a credit card registered in the Google account and the Google Pay app.


[SHOP Pay]

 If you save your own address and credit card information on SHOP Pay, you can easily make payments using saved information when shopping at the store that has been enabled next time.



 For more information about PayPal, please check the official website.


[Paidy payment the following month (convenience store/bank)]

 This is a payment method that can be used with email address, mobile phone number, SMS (short message service). (No credit card is required)

The payment amount and payment method will be informed by e -mail and SMS on the 1st to 3rd month of the month of the month.
A commission will be charged by the payment method, and the customer will bear the burden.

・ Account transfer (commission: free)
・ Convenience store (commission: 356 yen including tax)
・ Bank transfer (commission: vary depending on the financial institution)

Paidy paid the next monthFor more information, please check the Pedi's site.