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About order method

Shopping procedure



1. Put the product in the cart

Press "Add to Cart" on the product page.
Please select the wrapping and put it in the cart for the "giftable" product.
If you have any questions about the product, please contact us from the contact form "Inquiry about the product".


2. Perform the purchase procedure

If you want to proceed to the purchase procedure, please check the shopping cart screen from the [Cart] button at the top of the screen before paying.

If you wish to use the holding points and specify the date of receiving the product, please specify it on the cart page.

[Membership customer]
If you log in with your email address and password, skip the registered address and payment information input and move to the order confirmation screen.
Check the settings and press the [Confirm order] button to complete the order.

[Guest (non -member) customer]
According to the screen, email address, delivery method, delivery destination /Payment information
Check, set, and press the [Confirm order] button to complete the order.

[Customers who register new members]
Customers who wish to register new membersHerePlease register more.



3. Specification of delivery destination, delivery method, payment

As for the delivery method, you can choose "Ship" or "store receipt" that can be received at Shinkiba stores.

[In the case of shipping]
Please select the delivery address or register a new one.

[In case of store receipt]
Please note that "store receipt" is not available on holidays.
* Closed days are closed on Monday, 2/4 Tuesday (open on holidays, closed the following Tuesdays) and year -end and New Year holidays (it may be changed due to circumstances.Shop InfoPlease confirm)

For details on the payment method you can choose,HerePlease check from.

When the input is over, press the button, check the contents of the input, and confirm the order.


Four. Order completed

You will receive a confirmation email of your order immediately after the order procedure is completed, so please check it.
If you do not reach even after 2 business days of your order, we are very sorry, but clearly specify your order number.HerePlease contact us from the inquiry form.

[About email setting]
The email may be blocked or sorted to spam by the customer's email reception setting (domain specification / free mail). Please check your email settings as well.
(Email sending source:


About product inventory

Products that are on sale at online shops share stock with stores.
Due to the injection, you may not be able to purchase the product on sale. Please note.
In addition, the product posting may differ from the store.


About the arrival notification

This service is notified by email when sold out products can be ordered again.

[Registration method]
Please click the "Writing Notice Registration" button displayed when the product is sold out on the product page to register.
* Some products do not accept applications.

・「Arrival notification notificationIs not a service that promises to purchase or reserve.
・ It may be sold out as soon as you arrive.
・ Please check the product information once again before ordering the restocked product.
・ The selling price and product specifications (material, country of origin, etc.) may have been changed when registering for email.


About the bundle of the product

Products with "not included" cannot be bundled with other products.

When purchasing two or more items that cannot be bundled, please place an order by putting it in a cart for each point.

* If you accidentally purchase with the same cart, we may correct the shipping fee. Even if the product is available, it may be shipped separately depending on the shape, weight and material of the product.
When the shipping fee is changed, we will contact you before shipping. Please note.