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Kinjin service




Kinsei is a technology that adheres to porcelain, cracks, and broken areas with lacquer and decorate with gold powder.
CASICA provides consultation and repair services for gold -shared lacquer using natural lacquer.
It can be repaired other than the vessel purchased at our shop. Please feel free to contact us.

Form of consultation / congestion repairs

① Reservation of consultation (visiting)
Please let us know the date and time you want from the "Inquiry Form" at the bottom of the page.

② Reservation date and time confirmed
We will send you a confirmed email.

③ On the day of the reservation
Please bring the vessel you want to repair the gold to the CASICA store.
We will check the repair part and give an estimate.
Please check the quote and consider whether to repair it. (Consultation so far is free)

④ Request confirmation / payment
We will pay the amount and keep the vessel.

⑤ After the repair is completed, delivery to your home
It takes about 3 to 4 months for the repair period. (It depends on the repairer)


About repair fee

Price (tax included)  Basic fee 2,200 yen + repair content fee
postage Shipping (courier service) depends on the weight.

Repair content fee

Diameter 5mm or less ~¥1,650
Diameter 10mm or less ~ ¥ 2,600
Diameter 20mm or less ~ ¥ 4,700
Diameter 30mm or less ~ ¥ 7,200
Diameter 40mm or less ~ ¥ 10,110
Diameter 50mm or less ~ ¥ 13,400
10mm or less ~ ¥ 1,150
20mm or less ~ ¥ 1,600
40mm or less ~ ¥ 2,500
60mm or less ~ ¥ 3,400
80mm or less ~ ¥ 4,300
100mm or less ~ ¥ 5,200
120mm or less ~ ¥ 6,100

50mm or less ~ ¥ 3,350
100mm or less ~ ¥ 5,850
150mm or less ~ ¥ 8,350
200mm or less ~ ¥ 10,850
250mm or less ~ ¥ 13,350
300mm or less ~ ¥ 15,850



Color of repair part

At the time of consultation, please select either "Kinjin" or "Gin -shift".


A vessel that you can't request

・ A bowl that touches direct fire or steam for a long time (clay pot, slipware, etc.)
* If it is not used for the above application, it can be repaired.
・ Glass products
・ Vessel that preserved strong salt, such as pickles, has been stored for a long time

Care for handling of gold -shared repair products


The vessel after repair is treated the same as the lacquerware.
Gently wash the repair part with hand washing or soft sponge. Also, wash with lukewarm water, wipe off the water and store.


・ Oven and microwave oven cannot be used.
・ Please avoid the dishwasher.
・ Please avoid washing.
・ Be careful not to hit a sharp part, such as a knife or fork, hits the passed part.
・ Please avoid storing in direct sunlight and drying places.
・ The strength of the repair part is reduced. If your handle breaks, be careful of how to hold it after repair.