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CASICA ONLINE SHOP renewal notice

The official ONLINE SHOP was renewed on Thursday, June 29, 2023.
You can enjoy shopping more, such as being able to use points in both online and stores.

[About points]

・ The points obtained online and online are added, and both are available.

・ Points held before the renewal are still available. If both the actual store and the online have a holding point, it will be added automatically.
* However, it is limited to the registered e -mail address, address, and name that are registered.

・ The point held so far is the renewal timing, and the expiration date will be extended to Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

・ In order to continue using the holding points before the renewal, it is necessary to log in to the site and enable the account.
Customers who have registered emails at the time of shopping at our shop will send you a "Account enabled information email" from the 29th (Thursday), so please do so. 。

[About account enabling]

In the past, customers who have been shopping at CASICA stores or CASICA ONLINE SHOP and have registered as a member of CASICA Member's and registered as an e -mail magazine.
The following "Account Enable Email" is sent.

① Tap the "Enable account" button
② Set an arbitrary password

③ Account enabled is completed.

[New features added in renewal]

You can select "Apple Pay", "Amazon Pay", "Google Pay", "Shop Pay", "PayPal", and "Paidy the next month". For details, please check the usage guide after the renewal.

Even if you purchase at ONLINE SHOP, it will be possible to receive it at the Shinkiba store.

[Registration of restocking notification]

Even after the renewal, there is a function of "restocking" function, but we are sorry for the inconvenience, so we are sorry to trouble you, but please register again after the renewal.


If you have any questions,
ONLINE SHOP renewal inquiry window] Please contact us.



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