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2023.6.14 Wed - 6.25 Sun (Close: 6.19 Mon)

Majoring art at Marseille University of Art, France
After graduating from the Master, Mr. Sun, who studied visual development at the Central Art Academy in China,
It was in 2012 that his atelier Murmur was established in Paris.
It has also been highly evaluated by various maison, restaurants and department stores in the world.

A soft form with a beautiful fluctuation.
A new expression that appears with the shadow.
A delicate nuance that emerges with light.
The outline and texture that SUN captured is released,
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the transparent world view.

Works for
Alain Ducasse (France)
Le Bon Marche (France)
CHANEL (France)

* The solo exhibition is scheduled to be held at the same time and online shop.


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