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"Rug Exhibition 2021 -Spring-" will be held only on Saturdays and Sundays from March 20 (Sat) to April 4 (Sun) at the event space on the second floor of CASICA.

The popular rug exhibition, which has been popular every year, will be held this spring. For weekends on weekends and weekends during the above -mentioned session, we are waiting for many lags in a large space in the event space on the CASICA 2nd floor.

Tribal lag, Gabbe, Kilim, Beniwaren ...
A rug in which people living in various areas have various roots and traditions, and one of them expresses countless patterns and designs. Beautiful handicrafts woven over a long time.

I hope you take off your shoes and take a look at each piece slowly so that you can relax at home. We look forward to welcome you.


O’Tru no Trus 個展

2021.03.02 TUE - 03.21 SUN

O'TRU NO TRUS solo exhibition

2021.3.2 Tue --2021.3.21 Sun(Closed: 3.8 Mon / 3.15 Mon)In the above period, at CASICA GALLERYArt unit by Taiki Tanemura and Ken Ozaki based in Okinawa We will hold a solo exhibition of O'TRU NO TR...

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十場天伸 十場あすか 二人展

2021.04.01 THU - 04.18 SUN

Ten Tenju Tenba Asuka 2 people exhibition

2021.4.1 Thu --2021.4.18 Sun(Closed: 4.5 mon, / 4.12 mon)During the period from April 1 (Thursday) to April 18 (Sun) (Closed: 4/5, April 12), a solo exhibition of Tenba Tenju and Toba Asuka, which ...

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