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ON The Shore Exhibition

ON The Shore Exhibition

2023.5.30 Tue - 6.11 Sun
(Close: 6.5 Mon)

At Waseda, Tokyo
Antique furniture in each region of China,
Select a new and old and diverse item from a unique perspective
A solo exhibition of ON THE SHORE to propose space
During the above period, it will be held at the CASICA Gallery.

Beautiful decorations and sculptures.
Combined with the symbiosis of Europe, the United States, China, and Shanghai.
The background of the history of the appearance flows eloquently.
A person who crossed the sea and reached the present age, watched and supported the lives of the people at the time.
Including the elegant and avant -garde smell of Shanghai Art Deco furniture
There are many tools, crafts, and antiques that include breathing from various times.

Please enjoy this opportunity.

* The solo exhibition is scheduled to be held at the same time and online shop.


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