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Ojiro Kakumono Ten EXHIBITION

2020.6.9 Tue --6.28 Sun
(Closed: 6.15 Mon / 6.22 Mon)

In Oita Prefecture, where the production of bamboo is the best in Japan,
that Miho Koda Miho works.

The basket of the jero keratical shop is based on the hands of Koshiro and three staff members.
It is created by hand one by one.

A square bamboo basket called a horn
With a special technique called fire bend, one bamboo one bamboo is bent, so that it does not return to water.
The torso, lid, hand, and hand are made separately.

Now that the number of craftsmen who can make it is decreasing
Koshiro inherited from Kakutake Yuzen, a kerator.

The trip to Oita, which visits the two who have always wanted to see you, were two years ago.

What is born from the two hands who love and enjoy everyday life.
Great sensations and sense are injected, straight, practical and not too claimed.
It is all dear things that will fit in our daily life.

This time, the beautiful works of the Jiro Kakou shop at the CASICA gallery
I can introduce it.
I hope you can see it from the classic horns to one piece of work.

Currently, we have resumed with the cooperation of the shop's business, the disinfection of the fingers, and the entrance regulation when entering the store, but for this solo exhibition, the time to wait for the entry regulations to the gallery that will be the venue. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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