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O'TRU NO TRUS solo exhibition

2021.3.2 Tue --2021.3.21 Sun
(Closed: 3.8 Mon / 3.15 Mon)

In the above period, at CASICA GALLERY
Art unit by Taiki Tanemura and Ken Ozaki based in Okinawa
We will hold a solo exhibition of O'TRU NO TRUS.

Collect drifting items that flowed over the seaside
Produced in combination with brass
Wall Jewelry and objects.

Individuals who arrived at the two after a long time
A new life is given and begins to breathe.

When confronting the drifting object that says "the last form of living things"
What kind of scenery do they see in their eyes?
Please enjoy the world of beautiful O'TRU NO TRUS on this occasion.

* The solo exhibition is scheduled to be held at the store and online shop at the same time.

* Admission is restricted as a measure against the new colon virus infection. You may be waiting for you until you enter. Please note.



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