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"LE KUROGANE" by Fer Travail

2020.6.30 Tue --7.19 Sun
(Closed: 7.6 Mon / 7.13 Mon)

Due to changes in life style, the way of old furniture is inevitably required.
Restoring the way of the old furniture by boldly combining iron.
With new values, it is fusion with modern times.
“Le Kurogane” has been dealing with French industrial furniture.
This is one proposal by Fer Travail Morikawa.

Tatsuya Morikawa A expected corridor:
2020.6.30 Tue /
7.4 Sat / 5 Sun / 18 SAT / 19 Sun



2020.06.09 TUE - 06.28 SUN

Ojiro Kakumono Ten EXHIBITION

2020.6.9 Tue --6.28 Sun(Closed: 6.15 Mon / 6.22 Mon) In Oita Prefecture, where the production of bamboo is the best in Japan, that Miho Koda Miho works.The basket of the jero keratical shop is base...

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2020.07.21 TUE - 08.07 FRI

Straw work

2020.7.21 Tue --8.7 Fri(Closed: 7.27 Mon / 8.3 Mon) Hinakage -cho, Takachiho region in Nishusuki -gun, Miyazaki Prefecture.To harvest a beautiful straw for more than 60 yearsFrom planting and growi...

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