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Kansai Noguchi

2019.10.18 Fri -10.27 Sun (Closed: 10.21 Mon)

The shadow traces a soft curve and enhances the expression of various glaze.
The modeling inspired by Japanese pottery, etc.
Sometimes strong, rough, sometimes delicate and elegant.

New vessels are lined up, centered on vase like objects.
Please enjoy the world view of KANSAI NOGUCHI on this occasion.

[Scheduled date of Hiroshi Noguchi] 10.18 Fri / 19 SAT / 20 Sun / 27 Sun


AFRICAN FORMS アフリカの造形 -躍動と祈り-

2019.10.01 TUE - 10.17 THU

AFRICAN FORMS African modeling -Dynamics and prayer-

 2019.10.1 Tue -10.17 Thu (Closed: 10.7 Mon / 10.15 Tue) A bold and dynamic form reminiscent of the strength of the earth.It means "prayer" beyond mere modeling.Africa is said to have 3,000 ethnic...

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2019.11.01 FRI - 11.10 SUN

Atsushi Ogata

 2019.11.1 Fri --11.10 Sun(Closed: 11.5 Tue) Create works in the mountains of Uda City, Nara PrefectureWe will hold a solo exhibition by Atsushi Ogata.Do not resist naturallyCarefully derive the p...

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