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2022.5.3 Tue - 5.8 Sun

What do you want from the interior?
What kind of room is there?
I have more time to face my mind and feelings than things.

No. 14 photo

The space where you live may be exaggerated,
I will be able to take a step again tomorrow
There is only one place in a world that charges "me".

CASICA goes beyond various eras and world boundaries, focusing on Japanese furniture and old tools.
I think every day to make a proposal for modern life style.

I named it "Drawing" so that I can freely imagine my "like"
Joint sales event for furniture and interior miscellaneous goods
It will be held at the entire CASICA building including event space on the 2nd floor.

Japanese furniture, Scandinavian vintage, industrial lighting, writer's vase, etc.
While mixing various shops and brand items
We will imagine each room and deliver it with CASICA -like styling.
I would be glad if you could enjoy this opportunity.

◯ Participating brand
Slow House
Fdb møbler
101 Copenhagen
House of Fer Travail
Knapford Poster Market
Birds' Words
Thread room
Tobimatsu lights
The day to go to the forest (Kazuto Yoshikawa)
Yuki Takano
Taketo Ichikawa
Hiroshi Noguchi
Two good days
Honda Sagi
Bonfire craftsmanship
(No order, honorific title omitted)

* Some products such as furniture will be delivered by order.
There are also products that will be handed over after the session.
* We are also planning online shops.
* Admission is restricted as Corona measures.
You may be waiting for you to enter. note that.

Intervised at Tennozu SLOW HOUSE
2022.4.29 Fri- 5.5 Thu

Sample items, B items, staff favorite treasures, etc.
"Ecouloop Store" for furniture and miscellaneous goods on the theme of "circulation" that does not abandon things
2-1-3 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Open 11: 00-19: 00



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