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Douguya "Unknown"

To be left behind as the past, they are too wide and deep

I just immerse yourself in curiosity.

I have no time to nostalgic

Surprise changes to imagination and always repaints the present.

To be as if you haven't seen the future

These are for me

It's always "unknown".


DOUGUYA shopkeeper, Takashi Nakamura
* Hall corridor: August 12 (Sun) / 19 (Sun)


Ayato Watanabe Exhibition

2018.06.19 TUE - 07.01 SUN


2018.6.19 [Tue] --7.1 [Sun]365 days, there is no day when you don't touch the flowers ...That may be a bad word,The element of "flower" is indispensable among those that are building me now, and I...

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2018.08.21 TUE

Mino ware exhibition

About 50-60 years ago for overseas exportsIt was made in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, Toki City, Mizunami City, and Kani CityWe will sell and sell the vessels.

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