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Christmas Jewelry & Accessory EXHIBITION

2020.12.8 Tue - 12.27 Sun
(Closed: 12.14 Mon / 12.21 Mon)

"Wearing -MATOU-"

It may be different from dressing up

To live like myself, not for someone

Wearing beautiful works that do not shake

To inspire yourself and get energy

As if the outline of "me" appears again

Christmas jewelry exhibition that was well received last year,
This year, perfume, hair oil, balm, etc. will also appear.

Everyone who visited CASICA took a deep breath,
I hope we can deliver an exhibition that will be healed by beautiful things.
Please take a look at this opportunity.


Atelier matic EXHIBITION「表情とひとてま」

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ATELIER MATIC EXHIBITION "Expressions and Hitomi"

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2021.01.09 SAT - 01.24 SUN

Atsushi Ogata solo exhibition

2021.1.9 Sat --2021.1.24 Sun(Closed: 1.12 Tue, / 1.18 Mon)The fire explodes, ash dances.A bowl burned in the kiln.It does not have the same thing and show various scenery.The strength of his work i...

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