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CHISAKI exhibition

CHISAKI exhibition
2022.4.9 Sat - 4.21 Thu
(Close 4.11 Mon / 4.18 Mon)

The technique of craftsmen who are definitely inherited in the era of moving.
Now, valuable materials that have been knitted by the creators.

CHISAKI designer Noriko Togi
Like picking up the past and now beautiful shores and spinning the future
A new life is blowing into various materials.

Beautiful silhouette and comfort.

A little playfulness lurking in the standard.
CHISAKI's hat is something that will be your new basic.

At this exhibition sales event
You can choose a removable ribbon from several types
A semi -order event is also planned.

Please come to find your favorite hat at this opportunity.

* The solo exhibition is scheduled to be held at the same time and online shop.
* Admission is restricted as Corona measures.
You may be waiting for you to enter. note that.


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