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2018.6.19 [Tue] --7.1 [Sun]

365 days, there is no day when you don't touch the flowers ...

That may be a bad word,The element of "flower" is indispensable among those that are building me now, and I hope it is throughout my life.

The environment where I grew up was not in the wilderness, and I couldn't say that I was conscious of flowers in my mid -20s.

So why ... "Flower" had power ...

Holding the soil, immersing your hands in water, stroking the leaves, and smelling the flowers, there was enough power to neutralize various things that are negative in your daily life.

And it changed the scenery connected to various elements in me.

I don't forget that impression, and I want to tell you one -sided.

The exhibitions and this exhibition in the past have different content, but the part is the same, and that is my style.

So you don't have to see the work of this exhibition and get something, or you can judge whether you like it or dislike.It may not be necessary to have a caption.

It would be enough if you could connect your "some element" and "flower".




2018.04.28 SAT - 05.20 SUN


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2018.08.07 TUE - 08.19 SUN


Douguya "Unknown"

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