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AFRICAN FORMS African modeling -Dynamics and prayer-

2019.10.1 Tue -10.17 Thu
(Closed: 10.7 Mon / 10.15 Tue)

A bold and dynamic form reminiscent of the strength of the earth.
It means "prayer" beyond mere modeling.

Africa is said to have 3,000 ethnic groups.
Each tribe is formed by its own society, organization, class and religious view.
If there is only one common thing, it may be a prayer that expresses the dynamism and respect for nature that cannot be resisted.

Appearance in a tranquil air.
Beauty in the primitive strength.
Masks, stools, cloths and objects gather.
I hope you can see this opportunity.



2019.09.14 SAT - 09.29 SUN

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2019.10.18 FRI - 10.27 SUN

Kansai Noguchi

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