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Tobimatsu Light Exhibition

2019.2.5 [Tue] --2.24 [Sun]
(Close 2.12 Tue / 2.18 Mon)

Somewhere nostalgic and new.

A dignified presence before being lit.

Soft and warm light created by porcelain.

During the above period, we will exhibit and sell lampshades and vessels by Hirotaka Tobimatsu/ Hirotaka Tobimatsu.
In the gallery, it will be an exhibition unique to CASICA using 13m atrium.
I hope that the light can fully experience the power that light brings to the space.
Please come on this occasion.

Corridor: February 5 (Tue) / 9 (SAT) / 10th (Sun) / 23rd (SAT) / 24th (Sun) * Time undecided



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