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"Regular and irregular existence
EXISTENCE OF THE IRREGULARITY with the Regularity "Norihiko Terayama

2019.7.17 Wed --8.9 Fri (Close 7.22 / 29 / 8.5 Mon)

The irregular arranged in the wind flowing naturally moves swaying.
Why is it fascinated by the strange sense of unity caused by living with the rules and irregular existence?
What attracts people?

In the CASICA gallery, he is a designer and an artist
STUDIO NOTE We will exhibit an installation by Norihiko Terayama.
CRUST OF THE POLYGON, using CASICA selected things
We will also exhibit and sell products such as Awaglass, a foam clock that enjoys the time of foam.

Please come to experience the tranquil time, where the air flow changes are visualized.

Kihiko Terayama's corridor expected date 7.20 Sat PM12: 00-16:00


わら細工たくぼ展 − 暮らしのなかのわら細工 −

2019.07.02 TUE - 07.15 MON

Straw craftsmiths -straw work in living-

Hinakage -cho, Takachiho region in Nishusuki -gun, Miyazaki Prefecture.To get a good quality dog ​​for more than 60 yearsFrom the place where rice fields, planting seeds, growing rice, harvesting,...

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boundaries – MADE BY HUMOUR –

2019.08.10 SAT - 08.12 MON

Boundaries - Made by Humour-

Feel free to go back and forth between the "boundary line" that exists in your daily life and connect.A market that proposes a new way of being born through "Boundaries".Craft/design/art/fashion, ...

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