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Yonezawa Houki Studio Exhibition

Yonezawa Houki Studio Exhibition
2022.4.23 Sat - 5.1 Sun
(Close 4.25 Mon)

Matsumoto's broom has a history of 150 years since the late Edo period.

"Yonezawa Hoki Kobo" is located in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.
Sprinkle the seeds of the Inanami plant, which is the ingredient of the broom,
We do everything from cultivation to harvest, and brooms are produced one by one.

When I welcomed my home of Yonezawa -san's broom with softness and elasticity.
For the supple sweeping comfort, the act of cleaning so much
I was impressed that it would change with one tool.

A square -shaped pattern and hemp with a slightly rounded corner, pursuing the ease of gripping when sweeping.
One of the attractions is its sophisticated and simple design that fits into the interior.
This time, the pattern of the pattern is available from cherry blossoms, tamo and walnut.

A beautiful broom that can be used for decades by using it carefully
Please take a look at this opportunity.

◯ 3rd generation Yonezawa Yonezawa Corridor Scheduled: April 23 (Sat)/24th (Sun)
Please also demonstrate a broom making.

* The online shop is scheduled to be held at the same time from 11:00 on Saturday, April 23.
* Admission is restricted as Corona measures.
You may be waiting for you to enter. note that.



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