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Spring Ayurveda Self Care Course

With Ayurveda's Rasayana (tonic method), which has an effect on both inside and outside, with a spring detox lunch using an anti -aging ingredient of Ayurveda.

Saturday, March 16, 2019 11: 30-13: 30
* 11:00 reception starts

Fee: 5,800 yen

Location: 1-4-6 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo CASICA 2F

We hold a cooking class called "Macht Tuning" cooking class, which tunes themselves with Ayurveda's food and living throughout the year.

Since this year in the fourth term of the class, there were many requests for self -care, so we will hold a single -shot self -care course.

Ayurveda is a treasure trove of wisdom for the season and everyday way.

At the Spring Self -Care Society, you will specialize in Lasayana (tonic) in the eight Ayurveda, and learn about Ayurveda anti -aging from ancient times. Anti -aging in Ayurveda realizes the youngness of the physiological function, such as the function and digestive function of the internal organs, as well as the youth.

In addition, based on a purification therapy, which is the core of Ayurveda, we will learn how to do everyday, making your mind and body cleaner. Spring has a new start. In this season when it is easy to get out of the body with loose temperature, you will learn about herbs, ingredients, oil care, how to spend the day, and how the spirit should be in the future. Let's learn how to and think of detox that can be done in anti -aging and everyday life.

We also practice Gandwosha (oil pinging) using oil, eliminating the laugh line of 頰 and keeping the gums and mouth healthy.

Finally, you will have a spring detox aligned food using Ayurveda anti -aging ingredients. ( * With souvenirs of recipes that can be reproduced at home)

It is a course that allows even the first person to learn the Ayurveda in an easy -to -understand manner. Please feel free to join us please.

Click here for the Machtizing class.

◯ Saki Ikeda
Ayurveda counselor & therapist. After studying in various countries such as India, China, Sri Lanka, and Finland, started salon work and counseling in Tokyo in 2009.
◆ India National Gujarat Ayurveda University affiliated Japan Ayurveda School "Ayurveda Life Style Counselor" "Ayurveda Healing Consultant"
◆ US Supplementary Medical University "Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner"

◯ Hiroko Mihara
President of the cooking unit Minamikazeikudo. It will provide planning proposals for food, produce editing, exhibition of works in the art project, introducing cooking such as magazines and webs, and developing products. He has authored "WHOLE COOKING" and "Dry thing book". It supervises the four seasons menu of the complex facility "CASICA" in Shinkiba.

[how to apply]
After confirming the following precautions, please contact for the name and contact information (mobile phone number) of all applicants as "Spring Lecture Application".
We will send you a transfer destination. We will confirm the transfer here and the application will be completed.
The first 20 people will be contacted in the order of application. Please note that the application will end as soon as the capacity is reached. (As soon as the capacity is reached, we will inform you on Mahat Tuning HP)

* Please bring your writing utensils.

If you have any questions, please contact the address below by email.
(Please refrain from contacting CASICA)




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