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Taketo Ichikawa Exhibition

Taketo Ichikawa Exhibition
2022.5.28 Sat - 6.5 Sun
(Close 5.30 Mon)

To tighten the air on the spot
A slightly nervous proportion.

Elegant details and neat appearance pursued to the limit.

The wood chosen by Ichikawa's aesthetics
Each expression, such as the proof that the tree has lived, and sometimes the outer skin as it is,
It is born one by one by lathe technology.

This time from the special old materials collected by CASICA
He made a beautiful work.

Dry flower base and glass dome,
Candle stands, ring stands, etc.
There are wonderful works that are stimulated by the five senses at the moment you watch and touch.
Please enjoy this opportunity.

* Admission may be restricted as a countermeasure against corona.
* Introduction at the online shop is scheduled for the end of the session.



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