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Naoto Okada Exhibition

Naoto Okada Exhibition
2023.3.17 Fri - 3.26 Sun
(Close 3.20 Mon)

Never add too much,
A dignified silhouette and form that pursues the essence.

I wear the air that makes you want to take a deep breath
"White" by Naoto Okada.
Because the comfort of the vessel as a tool is cherished
In the cutlery, the hand, the compatibility with the food and ingredients,
The more you use it, the more you will be fascinated by the work that combines beauty and practicality.

Please take this opportunity in your daily life
Please enjoy Okada's work that will be a standard.

* For two days, March 17 (Fri) and 18 (Sat), it will be a complete reservation system.
Reservations are scheduled for 10:00 on Saturday, March 4th, at CASICA Online SHOP.
* Regarding March 19 (Sun) on the third day, if the gallery is crowded, it will be a replacement system.
You may be waiting for you.
* Depending on the congestion situation, we may have a limit on the time you see in the gallery.
Please understand.
* Depending on the situation, there may be restrictions on the number that can be purchased.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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