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Atsushi Ogata

2019.11.1 Fri --11.10 Sun
(Closed: 11.5 Tue)

Create works in the mountains of Uda City, Nara Prefecture
We will hold a solo exhibition by Atsushi Ogata.

Do not resist naturally
Carefully derive the power and taste of the soil, and face the soil thoroughly.
Ogata -san's vessel has a unique sign and grasps the heart.

In addition to daily vessels such as powder and brush,
There are also strong works of firewood kiln -fired for three days.
I hope you will take this opportunity to touch Ogata's world.

[Atsushi Ogata's expected corridor] 11.2 Sat 11: 00-17: 30



2019.10.18 FRI - 10.27 SUN

Kansai Noguchi

 2019.10.18 Fri -10.27 Sun (Closed: 10.21 Mon) The shadow traces a soft curve and enhances the expression of various glaze.The modeling inspired by Japanese pottery, etc.Sometimes strong, rough, s...

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CASICA 2周年イベント 「ニュー縁日」

2019.11.16 SAT - 11.17 SUN

CASICA 2nd anniversary event "New Fair"

Thanks to you, CASICA will celebrate its 2nd anniversary in November.To commemorate the 2nd anniversary, we will hold a new fair “New Fair” that both adults and children can enjoy from the same pe...

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