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Development of the castle

Development of the castle
2022.9.21 Wed - 10.2 Sun
(Close 9.26 Mon)

Mr. Jinjin, who is a ceramic place in Iga, Mie Prefecture.
CASICA will hold a solo exhibition for the first time in three years at the gallery.

The work of the castle born from outstanding technology and free ideas is
While having some stateless air
It is a deeply nostalgic vessel that accepts various dishes and ingredients.

The African Dogon tribe where the castle met while traveling around the world of the world
A masterpiece that became the starting point of mud dyeing cloth, the iron -painted series
White ash glaze, ash glaze powder, heat -resistant work
The special vessel created for CASICA this time will also be unveiled.

It has a unique charm and plays an active part as a daily vessel
Please take this opportunity to see the many of the castle's work.

* We are planning to hold the store and online shop at the same time.
* Admission is restricted as Corona measures.
You may be waiting for you to enter. note that.


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