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Development of the castle

2019.3.1 [Fri] --3.10 [Sun]
(Close 3.4 Mon)

To attract beautiful things that dwell in everyday life.

A line of line without hesitation seems to touch distant memories.

Mr. Jinjin, who is a ceramic place in Iga, Mie Prefecture.
The vessel created by the family and Mr. Jo, who surrounds the delicious dining table every day
All you want to use every day.
Ash glaze powder, which is such a daily user, and the iron -painted series, a masterpiece.
From teapots and heat -resistant ones to grilled vases that emit a unique presence.
I hope you can fully tell the world of Jinjin.
Please come on this occasion.

Corridor: March 1st (Fri)



2019.02.05 TUE - 02.24 SUN

Tobimatsu Light Exhibition

2019.2.5 [Tue] --2.24 [Sun](Close 2.12 Tue / 2.18 Mon)Somewhere nostalgic and new.A dignified presence before being lit.Soft and warm light created by porcelain.During the above period, we will ex...

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2019.03.16 SAT

Spring Ayurveda Self Care Course

With Ayurveda's Rasayana (tonic method), which has an effect on both inside and outside, with a spring detox lunch using an anti -aging ingredient of Ayurveda.Saturday, March 16, 2019 11: 30-13: 3...

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