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Kazuto Yoshikawa exhibition

Happy new year.
I hope everyone who has visited CASICA this year will have a happy time.

The first solo exhibition in 2022 will be held at the CASICA Gallery from January 18 (Tuesday).

Kazuto Yoshikawa exhibition
2022.1.18 Tue - 1.30 Sun
(Close 1.24 Mon)

A curved curve drawn supple.
A gentle grain expression that feels breathing.
To follow the trajectory where the tree lived.

During the above period, a solo exhibition by Kazuto Yoshikawa will be held at the CASICA Gallery.

In addition to tableware such as cutlery and wood bowl,
We will also hold orders for tables and chests that were very popular last time.
Please take a look at this opportunity.

* Admission is restricted as a measure against corona, so you may have to wait until you enter. note that.



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