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Kazuto Yoshikawa exhibition

2020.8.8 Sat -8.23 Sun
(Closed: 8.11 Tue / 8.17 Mon)

When I ate rice with Yoshikawa's spoon for the first time
Not only the beauty as a work, but also
When I held it in my hand, when I touched the vessel, I was surprised at the feeling when I put it in my mouth.

While pursuing the appearance as a work
The comfort and the user are never left.

Make the most of the wood grain while leaving the strength of the wood
Parts that add and do not add too much.

The delicate and boldness coexist,
A number of works with curves beauty that can only be drawn by Yoshikawa.

In this solo exhibition, in addition to furniture, wood bowl, cutlery and tableware,
Large works that have passed through logs will also appear.
It will be an exhibition that can be said to be the culmination of Yoshikawa's writer activities.
Please take a look at this opportunity.

Kazuto Yoshikawa Corridor Scheduled: Saturday, August 8th



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