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Visualization Movie Night Market CASICA NIGHT CINEMA

CASICA will launch a program entitled "Visualized Movie Night Market" to enjoy films from various countries with Uplink Select with a variety of dishes inspired by the movie worldview.

The sound that resonates in the large space of CASICA, the scent of cooking ... After such a meal, we will hold a night market where you can meet carefully selected things while enjoying the lingering of the movie.

Please come to a place to watch, eat, experience and talk.

■ Date and time | irregularly held (Saturday)
■ Holding time | 16: 30-21: 30
■ Admission fee | 7,500 yen: Movie viewing fee+2 cups of welcome drink+meal fee

For more information and reservations of the program, please see the official website of "Visualization Movie Night Market".


CASICA イベント「ニュー縁日 -こどもの日 & みどりの日-」

2019.04.29 MON - 05.01 WED , 05.04 SAT - 05.06 MON

CASICA event "New Fair -Children's Day & Midori Day-"

We will hold a new form "New Fair" that both adults and children can enjoy from the same perspective.This time, on April 29 (Mon) -May 1 (Wednesday), which will be held on the theme of "Children's...

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わら細工たくぼ展 − 暮らしのなかのわら細工 −

2019.07.02 TUE - 07.15 MON

Straw craftsmiths -straw work in living-

Hinakage -cho, Takachiho region in Nishusuki -gun, Miyazaki Prefecture.To get a good quality dog ​​for more than 60 yearsFrom the place where rice fields, planting seeds, growing rice, harvesting,...

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