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Ten Tenju Tenba Asuka 2 people exhibition

2021.4.1 Thu --2021.4.18 Sun
(Closed: 4.5 mon, / 4.12 mon)

During the period from April 1 (Thursday) to April 18 (Sun) (Closed: 4/5, April 12), a solo exhibition of Tenba Tenju and Toba Asuka, which is made in Awakawa, Kobe, It will be held at CASICA GALLERY.

A unique and beautiful color of Ten Shinobu's wiping lacquer and soda glaze.
A heat -resistant bowl with a deep pocket that makes cooking fun.
A slipwear that draws a powerful pattern like a canvas as one plate.

White vessels using Asuka's expressive ash glaze.
An adorable form of rice hot pot, one -handed pot, a series woven with a grass, etc.
The warm bowls born because they value their usual life.

Please take a look at this opportunity to have all two works.

* The solo exhibition is scheduled to be held at the store and online shop at the same time.



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