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Winter Ayurveda Self Care Course


Creating a winter homeremedy made with spices in the kitchen, a dry massage using silk gloves' Galshana '' experience workshops and a lunch to prepare the winter body.

Saturday, December 1, 2018 11: 30-13: 30
* 11:00 reception starts

Fee: 5,800 yen
(Includes 2 packets for home ledmedy and silk galshana gloves)

Location: 1-4-6 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo CASICA 2F

Ayurveda is a treasure trove of wisdom for the season and everyday way.

We hold a cooking class called "Macht Tuning" cooking class, which tunes themselves with Ayurveda's food and living throughout the year.

Since the fourth class of the class, there are many requests for self -care, so we will hold a self -care one -off course.

At the winter self -care party, Ayurveda kitchen pharmacy is easy to use with spices at home. You will learn the recipes of home media that can prevent winter upset with familiar things, and from the lined spices, you will mix spices that match the worrisome upset in a buffet format and take 2 packets.
Turn this season comfortably, remembering a home lemedy that is useful for winter, such as starting to catch a cold, coughing, influenza prevention, sore throat, runny nose, and year -end and New Year holidays, which are useful for winter.

In the massage training, you will learn the self -care called Garchana, which uses silk gloves, which is ideal for winter body that tends to store fat and tends to accumulate fat.
Garshana is a powerful dry massage that is said to have the effect of increasing metabolism and removing excess fat. It looses the stiff muscles in the winter cold and activates the internal function. It is said that dry cloth fraction with silk with amino acids similar to the structure of the skin can help adjust blood flow and lymph flow, raise skin luster, and adjust the texture.

Finally, you will have a winter Ayurvedic lunch that discharges extra things that tend to accumulate in the winter body. ( * With souvenirs of recipes that can be reproduced at home)

It is a course where you can acquire Ayurveda even for the first time. This time it will be a women -only meeting.
Please feel free to join us please.

Click here for the Machtizing class.

◯ Saki Ikeda
Ayurveda counselor & therapist. After studying in various countries such as India, China, Sri Lanka, and Finland, started salon work and counseling in Tokyo in 2009.
◆ India National Gujarat Ayurveda University affiliated Japan Ayurveda School "Ayurveda Life Style Counselor" "Ayurveda Healing Consultant"
◆ US Supplementary Medical University "Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner"

◯ Hiroko Mihara
President of the cooking unit Minamikazeikudo. It will provide planning proposals for food, produce editing, exhibition of works in the art project, introducing cooking such as magazines and webs, and developing products. He has authored "WHOLE COOKING" and "Dry thing book". It supervises the four seasons menu of the complex facility "CASICA" in Shinkiba.

how to apply
After confirming the following precautions, the subject is "Winter Lecture Application", and the name and contact (mobile phone number) of all applicants are
Please contact us to us. We will send you a transfer destination. We will confirm the transfer here and the application will be completed. The first 20 people will be contacted in the order of application. Please note that the application will end as soon as the capacity is reached. (As soon as the capacity is reached, we will inform you on Mahat Tuning HP)

* Since it will be a care to rub the abdomen and legs, this time we will participate only for women.
* If you want to practice it in the class, please wear a relaxed T -shirt in your clothes, a short bread, or an abdomen that is easy to touch your feet. (If you do not practice on the day, you can use normal clothes).
* Please bring your writing utensils.
* This lunch is lighter than summer and autumn for the purpose of improving the seasonal physical condition and improving the effect of detox.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email below.
(Please refrain from contacting CASICA)



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