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Rug exhibition 2022 - Autumn -

2022.9.10 Sat - 9.25 Sun

* It will be held only on weekends and holidays during the above period. please note.


[Event schedule]
September 10th (Sat) / September 11th (Sun)
September 17 (Sat) / September 18 (Sun) / September 19 (Monday / holiday)
September 23 (Friday / Holiday) / September 24 (Sat) / September 25 (Sun)


Tribal lag, Gabbe, Kilim, Beniwaren, Zanafi, Bosnoft, Taznoft.
Traditions and living that have been carefully inherited by people living in various regions in the world.

Unique, unique, and beautiful chic overlap,
Color combinations, and the eyes are deprived,
In one lag, countless patterns woven by the creator one by one,
The motif is expressed and various meanings are included.


At the CASICA rug exhibition, as many lags are lined up in a large space,
I hope you can take off your shoes so that you can actually relax at home and carefully examine them.
While feeling the beautiful handicrafts and the accumulated time,
Please come to find one for your own.

* The rug exhibition is scheduled to be held at the same time as the store and online shop.
* Admission is restricted as Corona measures.
You may be waiting for you to enter. note that.



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