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Rug exhibition 2020 RUGS EXHIBITION

2020.8.25 Tue --9.22 Tue
(Closed: 8.31 Mon / 9.7 Mon / 9.14 Mon)

The season of the rug exhibition has come again this year.
Continuing from last year, the weekends during the exhibition will be in the event space on the second floor
We are waiting for you with many lags in a large space.
I hope you can take off your shoes and relax at your house.

It is a deep and beautiful red that the Baruch tribe moves near the southeastern part of Iran and Afghanistan borders.
What the nomadic Kashgai tribe expresses nature, such as animals and trees.
The Afshal tribe, which originated from Ogz, a nomader of Central Asian, is a representative of the diamond -shaped medallion.

People living in various areas have various roots and traditions,
There are countless patterns on one of them.

Tribal rug, Gabbe, Kilim, Beniwaren.
Beautiful handicrafts and time accumulated.
Please take this opportunity to find one for your own.

[Scheduled to open 2F]
8.29 Sat / 30 SUN / 9.5 SAT / 6 Sun / 12 SAT / 13 Sun / 19 SAT / 21 Mon / 22 Tue



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