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Rug exhibition 2019 RUGS EXHIBITION

2019.9.14 SAT -9.29 Sun
(Closed: 9.17 Tue / 9.24 Tue)

It was said to have originated in 4000 years ago, knitting plants in Mongolia and Turkistan (Central Asia) and licking animal skin.

Time flows, and in the 13th century, caravan and nomads across the silk road passed to the west Morocco, Spain, Europe, and the east China and Japan.

As if traveling on Silk Road, carpets, rugs, and rugs from various countries that allow you to feel the gradation of culture gather at once.

During the exhibition, on the weekends on Saturdays and Sundays, I took off my shoes as if I spent a carpet that I actually expanded in at the event space on the CASICA 2nd floor.
I hope you can put your feet on and experience it. (Excluding 9/28)
Please take this opportunity to find your favorite piece.

[Scheduled to open 2F]
9.14 Sat / 15 Sun / 16 Mon / 21 SAT / 22 SUN / 23 Mon / 29 Sun


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