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African modeling -Invisible nature-

2020.9.24 Thu -10.6 Tue
(Closed: 9.28 Mon / 10.5 Mon)

The strong and beautiful trees that grow up in the strong sunlight in Africa.
With its strength and dynamism as it is, chairs, ladder and door
The work is born through hollow out without being inherited.

Nature itself is the most beautiful.

What everyone is aware of in his heart.
Because of now, it's full of energy,
It may be that the inevitable nature affects the soul.

I hope you will take this opportunity to see the primitive beauty.



2020.08.25 TUE - 09.22 TUE

Rug exhibition 2020 RUGS EXHIBITION

2020.8.25 Tue --9.22 Tue(Closed: 8.31 Mon / 9.7 Mon / 9.14 Mon) The season of the rug exhibition has come again this year.Continuing from last year, the weekends during the exhibition will be in th...

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CASICA 3周年イベント 「ニュー縁日」

2020.11.07 SAT - 11.08 SUN

CASICA 3rd anniversary event "New Fair"

Thanks to you, CASICA will celebrate its 3rd anniversary in November. To commemorate the 3rd anniversary, a new form of a new form that both adults and children can enjoy from the same perspective...

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