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Straw work

2020.7.21 Tue --8.7 Fri
(Closed: 7.27 Mon / 8.3 Mon)

Hinakage -cho, Takachiho region in Nishusuki -gun, Miyazaki Prefecture.

To harvest a beautiful straw for more than 60 years

From planting and growing rice to cutting and hanging.
All work is made and straw work is made one by one.

From Mr. Kai, the representative
In this land, not only the New Year, but the decoration throughout the year, not only the New Year.
I was taught that it was a sickness and watched.
Don't be tied to the rules, make something more comfortable for your own life
I feel like I was told that I could pursue it.

How precious the daily life that was naturally used to be?
Every day to think and thank.
I hope the family living in the distance can live safely
I hope you can meet the children's smiles again tomorrow
It is a work that wraps around the prayers and thoughts of those people.

Please take a look at this opportunity.


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