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Tsukumo Kiln Ten Tenjin / Tenba Asuka 2 people exhibition

Tsukumo Kiln Ten Tenjin / Tenba Asuka 2 people exhibition
2023.2.14 Tue - 2.26 Sun
(Close 2.20 Mon)

A strong and bold pattern.
It is drawn to grow and follow the voice of the heart
Ten Shinshin's slip wear.

Soft and expressive white.
Used straw white glaze made from rice straw grown in rice fields
Asuka's heat -resistant series.

While exploding the energy as a writer
Don't forget to face your daily life.
The works made by these two people
The daily scenery spreads over the vessel.

Born to be driven by inquisitive mind and curiosity
Please take a look at your creations at this opportunity.

* Online introduction is scheduled for 11:00 on Wednesday, February 15th.



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