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Basket exhibition

2023.5.2 Tue - 5.14 Sun (Close: 5.8 Mon / 5.9 Tue)

Kei Nakamura / AJIRO

Kano Hatao / Handbag

It is sturdy while having its appearance, air feeling, and suppleness
As you use it, it tastes
I was attracted to the dignified bamboo basket.

In this basket exhibition, 6 writers from all over Japan
I hope you can see the beautiful and wonderful works in one hall.

Jun Ishida / Chawanho

Kenichi Otani / Bread basket

Select and cut bamboo suitable for baskets, such as the height of the number, the height of the section, the length of the knots, the length of the section and the section,
After removing the oil, split the bamboo, make the skin thin, remove the corner, and make a bamboo higo.
Repeat a lot of manual work by the process of knitting,
One work is completed while making full use of various outstanding technology.
* The process to be created differs depending on the writer.

Carry your luggage, as a vessel or tray at the table
It will be used as a storage of the house,
It's like a reassuring buddy of everyday life.

Please come to find your favorite.

* The solo exhibition is scheduled to be held at the same time as the store and online shop.

Emi Seiji / Chawanmego

Mika Oguri / Bread basket

Kei Nakamura / Bread basket


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